Pantera has released numermus music videos, home videos and dvds. This page compiles a list of them for easy browsing.


Music VideosEdit

Cowboys from HellEdit


The band as seen in the video

The song's music video features a standard live performance of the band playing the song. The PanterA and CFH logos are seen in the backdrop of the stage.

The video also introduces the extreme nature of the band's post-glam phase, which fizzled out shortly before 1987. The video also features moshing and a representation of how shows by the band typically were at the time of shooting (1990).

Cemetery GatesEdit

Psycho HolidayEdit

Mouth For WarEdit

I'm BrokenEdit

Drag the WatersEdit


Anselmo in the video

The song's music video features the band playing in a silhouetted area showing blurry closeups as they perform the song. The bulk of the music video is centered on Phil's face as he sings.

The video is also interspersed with a linear storyline that reanacts the song's illustration of events of an unnamed protagonist and the Judge, referenced within the lyrics. The scenes of the story depict a young man charged for buying illegal drugs on a street and being subsequently trialed and jailed.

Revolution is My NameEdit


Anselmo in the video

The song's music video is a mix of various elements: between performances from the band and live footage, it also contains comical snippets of a sitcom-esque interpretation of the band's childhood, where the musicians are portrayed as small kids (with facial hair included) listening to Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top while jumping on the bed and playing oversized instruments. The video also includes flashes of the band's influences such as Black Sabbath and KISS.