Southern Isolation EP Cover

Southern Isolation is an EP by the short lived side project, Southern Isolation, which was formed between Phil Anselmo and ex-wife Stephanie Opal Weinstein. The EP was originally written and released in 2001 but seen a re-release the following year with a bonus track which featured Phil on vocals.


Original releaseEdit

  1. Bluebird (Make You Shine)
  2. I Got Lost in Myself Again
  3. Come Back and Let Me In (Going Down the Wrong Road)
  4. Wall of You

Bonus Track from re-releaseEdit

  1. Southern Man I Am (feat. Phil Anselmo)


  • Stephanie Opal Weinstein - Vocals / Guitar
  • Phil Anselmo - Guitar / Vocals on "Southern Man"
  • "Big" Ross Karpelman - Keyboards
  • Kevin Bond - Bass
  • Sid Montz - Drums

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