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Cowboys From Hell was Pantera's fifth studio album, released on July 24, 1989. It was Pantera's major label debut, as the album was picked up by Atco Records and produced by Terry Date. Sonically, this album was a vast departure from their previous four releases, that were more of a glam/power metal sound. This album incorporated a variety of influences, such as thrash metal and groove metal.


  1. "Cowboys From Hell"
  2. "Primal Concrete Sledge"
  3. "Psycho Holiday"
  4. "Heresy"
  5. "Cemetery Gates"
  6. "Domination"
  7. "Shattered"
  8. "Clash With Reality"
  9. "Medicine Man"
  10. "Message in Blood"
  11. "The Sleep"
  12. "The Art of Shredding"


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